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​​Parent and Educators for Aquinas Academy Children (PEAAC) - A volunteer group of parents and educators working collaboratively​ to ensure that all spiritual, social, fundraising, and educational activities of the school run efficiently.  Meetings are held once a month and all parents and educators are welcome to attend. 

School Advisory Council (SAC) - The council is required by the by-laws of Aquinas Academy.  This requirement exists for every Catholic Grade School in the Diocese of Greensburg.  SAC members are appointed by the Trustee on recommendation of the Board and Principal.  The purpose of SAC is to promote and advance the mission of the school for the education and instruction of students in keeping with the law and teachings of the Catholic Church.  The function of the advisory body is to make recommendations to the Principal and Board and Trust Advisor, in compliance with policies, rules and regulations of the Office of Catholic Schools for the Diocese.